Monday, November 5, 2012

Looking for an Asian wife can be a hard task, there are many Asian dating sites with thousands of beautiful Asian women to choose from.

But where do you start?
You have got to ask yourself a few questions first.
What do I want from this?
What kind of Asian girl do I want to date?
Can I afford to join all the dating sites out there?
Are all Asian dating sites just scam sites?
Are all the beautiful Asian ladies on these dating sites real?
Will communication be a problem?....

What do you want from this?

The reason you are reading this is most probably that you are looking for an Asian wife or thinking of the possibility of dating an Asian woman.
One thing you should remember is these Asian women are not just beautiful, sexy Asian sirens in tight dresses and high heels or bar girls desperate to escape the cultural and economic circumstances of their country but the majority of the girls are well educated and are financially independent in their own right.

The best advice is to pick a few dating sites to join, now in most cases the sites are free to join and look at the ladies but when you decide to take the plunge and start communicating with the ladies of your choice you will have to spend money as you have to pay to have any interaction with your chosen intended.

All Asian dating sites are not equal! it depends on which country the dating site covers.

For example.

If you have a preference for Chinese women then have a look at ......

This Asian dating site is the most popular on the net and if you join you will see why this is the women are stunning with beautiful photography and features mostly Asian girls from China and all the girls profiles are subject to screening by the dating site to reduce the risk of scammers posting ghost profiles.

Asian beauty's photo example..

If you have a preference for ladies from the Philippines then have a look at....

Another popular choice of dating website that mostly features ladies from the Philippines these beautiful Asian ladies have a more down to earth approach to online dating and mostly post home taken photographs that can have a certain charm of their own. Great site lovely girls.

Cherry Blossoms photo examples ..

As the name imply s this site mostly features ladies from Vietnam. most of the photos of the girls are home produced but can be of a better quality than cherry blossoms for example.
Good search engine in this site and the girls are nicer than a lot of Asian dating sites.

Vietnam Cupid photo examples..



Mostly ladies from the Philippines.

So what you need to do is choose a few dating sites to join, pick one first and join and spend a few hours looking at the thousands of beautiful Asian ladies looking for western husbands.
You will not believe the amount of beautiful Asian women on these sites and you will possibly be slightly overwhelmed at first but if you selectively search you can seek out the Asian girls that will be suitable for you to invest your time, money and effort in.

Thai Love
Mostly Asian ladies from Thailand

Asian sirens

Beautiful Asian girl looking for western husband from the website Asian